we help people help people. 

droom boon will support you to initiate, run, and complete charity projects around the world, and make sure donations get straight to those in need, with minimal or no overhead. 

droom boon

who is droom boon?

droom boon started when a small group of people came together to solve a very practical problem: bringing cancer medicine to a group of dying children in Eastern Europe. During our conference calls, the expression “droom boon” (which, in Romanian, translates roughly to “may you have a good road ahead”/”have a safe trip”/ “good to go”) became our greeting, our ritual, our sign we’re on the right track.  

After we finished what we set out to do, it was clear that there’s a need for a more organized form of support for people who want to help, but don’t know where to start. 

droom boon was born for them. 


Our first project

When Rodica Groza, a Moldovan journalist, started collecting surprise gifts for the 9 children in the juvenile section of the Oncology Institute in Chisinau, we found out that most of them had been in the hospital for over half a year, waiting.

The treatment they needed was either not accessible in the country, or out of reach, price-wise. The price for saving one life was a mere $100.

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Want to help?


If you have some time on your hands or a specific expertise, we’ll gladly take it. You can help us with research, outreach, networking, logistics or simply carrying the word out. 


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start a project

At droom boon we have a soft spot for the very immediate, life-focused initiatives- if you spotted a problem and would like to find a solution for it, we’re all ears.


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If you have money or goods to spare, we’ll take them! You can choose to donate towards a specific project, or to support our ongoing outreach and administrative efforts. 


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