a little about..

our brief history

Charity projects are as varied as they come, the constant being that, without support, carrying all the work by oneself can be HARD.

droom boon was born because every once in a while someone—let’s call them A—thinks to themselves: “I see a need and I’d like to help, but where do I start? Am I too small to make a difference?”… and, because A is overwhelmed, they end up doing nothing.

We want to change this paradigm and give every A out there:

  1. the impulse to start a charity project,
  2. the support needed to develop the project, and
  3. the legal frame to take the project to completion.

We’re a small community of volunteers whose sole purpose is to provide advice, fundraising support and a legal frame to charity projects initiated by individuals like A. 


our team


dana sandu

Founder, Market Evangelista


Nima Ramazan-NIa

Founder, Executive Producer


Lida Ghaemi

Restaurateur,  Activist

Sofia Misicu

Researcher, Social media guru

Rosie Warda

Nonprofit pioneer

John Scott