El Salvador, 2013-2014 | Library and other community resources for Ataco

PROJECT: When the Warda family was invited to a wedding in El Salvador, Wendy—a teacher—looked into bringing school supplies to the Ataco area, a rural community far from the capital and in dire need for resources. After getting in touch with another teacher volunteering in Ataco and a local nonprofit group (ADI), it became apparent that the biggest impact will be had if we tackle this two-fold: find a way for ADI community builders to train adults (several were trying to teach sustainable agricultural practices, personal health, etc. to people who couldn’t read but wanted the information), and supply the local school with what they needed most: a library.

INITIATOR: Wendy Warda, teacher, California

TIMING: July 2013- April 2014

COLLABORATORS: Droom Boon, ADI (a community support nonprofit group from El Salvador), East Arts HighSchool (California), private donors

SCOPE: Collect supplies (books, computers, modems, cables, a generator, and a projector), deliver them in Ataco, install them, and train staff to use it.


  • we found a projector
  • we collected books with the help of the students in Wendy’s school
  • we collected laptops and wiring (13)
  • we fundraised to cover shipment for the books and school supplies
  • we found volunteers to carry-on the machines and to install them in the village
  • we helped ADI spruce up their presentations so that general classes are easier to understand and more appealing.

The pictures below are from the night of the first media-assisted adult class, as well as the opening of the library… done!


photo (1) photo 4 photo 2 photo 3 photo 5 photo 1 IMG_9110 IMG_9078 IMG_9066 IMG_9058 women watching kid_s show IMG_5831 IMG_5830 IMG_9130 IMG_9127 IMG_9104 IMG_5811 IMG_9092 IMG_9084 contest IMG_9073 IMG_9052 IMG_5824