Romania, 2016 | home for a family

PROJECT BACKGROUND: A family of 3 lived in a crumbling drafty house, hours away from the nearest town, with a sickly 3mo old and an abusive landlord. They were young (19 and 23 years old), good, clean, and hard working. When we found them they had nothing (no electricity, no running water, no wood for burning, and no prospects for steady jobs- and winter was coming.

INITIATOR: Viorica & Laurian Opris

TIMING: Nov-Dec 2016

COLLABORATORS: Droom Boon, Ciuperca (a local bodega), The Construction Faculty in the University of Iasi, the Roads & Transport National Direction, private donors


  • We collected material donations through volunteers across the country
  • We raised about $2000 in several currencies, which we used to purchase lamps, water, furniture, and baby items to see them through the winter
  • We found a donated shipment container and volunteers to take it to destination to be used as a temporary home (as per construction team/ temporary home model)
  • We coerced the local authorities to do their job and connect the new home to the electric network, and pre-paid usage for a few months in advance
  • We managed to find Alexander a steady job come spring
  • We’ll be working with the mayoralty to get a piece of land in concession, through a new law that assists young families willing to stay and work in a rural setting (as an incentive to revitalize small agriculture)

This photo is from the day volunteers drove the donations to the old home. For a full album, please go HERE.