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There’s a who’ lotta need out there, and many causes to direct your help towards.

At droom boon we have a soft spot for the very immediate, life-focused initiatives- if you spotted a problem and would like to find a solution for it, we’re all ears.

In order for us to back you up, the project needs to be:

  • Attainable. We’re a small team, you’re but one person and the day is only made of 24 hours. Providing a group of kids with new shoes, for example, is doable. Building a recreation center for abused women is probably out of our range. So please, try to be realistic and ask yourself: can this be reasonably done?
  • Measurable.We are aiming for immediate solutions with immediate impact. 100 pairs of shoes for 100 children is doable. Increasing self-esteem for victims of domestic abuse by providing art classes to a shelter is harder to measure and out of our reach. So please, ask yourself: can the result be quantified?
  • Efficient.We are trying to find the cheapest ways to get things done, so most if not all the money raised go towards the result, and not the process. Buying a plane ticket to deliver 100 books is not efficient. Finding a person who’s traveling and convincing them to take another suitcase filled with books (for a mere $100 extra luggage fee) is.

Now that we covered what the project need to be, let’s talk about the process.

In order for us to support you with time, advice, fundraising and a legal frame, you will need to:

  • Do your share. Put in your time, your effort, your connections, WORK. You are the initiator, which means you’re the project manager and the person responsible for implementing the solutions we find together. If you decide to bounce and leave us with everything on our hands, we defeated our purpose and the project will not be done.
  • Be 100% transparent. We’re helping fundraise for you, we’re putting our name down for you and your collected money goes all through our tax ID and our profile- in order to have everything in order if a potential audit comes along, we need to justify every dollar, so keep that in mind.
  • Make sure all the donations get straight to the destination. Whether you deliver the solution yourself or find a trustworthy person to do it is a matter of luck and will be decided together- but we won’t agree to sending money or goods into space without knowing what came if it.
  • Keep track. Every purchase needs to be supported by a receipt, and every donation- by pictures, scans etc. You’ll also need to supply the list of people who helped you directly so we can add them to the public thank yous.

That’s about it. Not easy, but totally doable, now that we have your back.

Great day to do some good, isn’t it?

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