If you’re here, it may be because you have some time on your hands- we’ll gladly take it. You can help us with research, outreach, networking, logistics or simply carrying the word out. Every effort counts, and we’ll adore you for lending a hand.


We also need your talent/ brains- if you’re operating in one of the following areas and you’re willing to assist with advice when needed, well, … that would make you an expert-in-reserve.
– legal
– finance
– marketing (anywhere from PR to design & programming)
– transportation and shipping
– medicine and pharmacy
– international policies, et alii.

Once you emailed us with an offer to be our expert-in-reserve, we’ll ping you whenever a project comes along that may need your expertise (and only then, unless directed otherwise). You’ll get to pick whether or not you have time to get involved.



Great day to do some good, isn’t it?

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